Spiritual Astrology

What is Spiritual Astrology?

The basic understanding of Astrology is that the birth chart, as determined by the birthdate, birthtime and place of birth, provides insights into the character and makeup of the individual whose chart is being evaluated.
More specifically, the birth chart represents the positions of the planets with respect to the twelve divisions in the sky corresponding to the constellations or signs, Aquarius, Pisces etc. Also the position of the eastern horizon with respect to the constellations gives us the Ascendant and the placement of the twelve houses at the time of birth.
Each planet then contributes different characteristics depending on which sign or house the planet falls in. In addition the angular relationship (aspects) between the planets at the time of birth gives further information about the individual.
All these different pieces of information are then combined to give us an overall picture of the personality and characteristics of the person whose chart is being read.

Spiritual/Esoteric Astrology goes further than that. It says that the chart contains information about a person’s soul evolution and life purpose for this incarnation.

Spiritual Astrology
Spiritual Astrology

It gives pointers to the major lessons that are brought over from actions carried out in past lives.

One of the implications of this view is that the planets do not ‘cause’ a person to take on the characteristics and tendencies represented by the chart as many believe but rather the soul chooses these prior to birth.

The soul apart from choosing the parents chooses the date and in most cases the time of birth so that the chart "works". In other words the natal chart represents a "blueprint" of the energies and tendencies that are being brought in by the incarnating soul.

This is also true of the timing of major life events as represented by planetary movements or Astrological transits.
It is not that the planetary alignments ‘cause’ these events to happen rather these events are timed to coincide with significant transits in a way which is meaningful to someone who understands Astrological symbolism.

It should also be noted that this does not imply that all aspects of one's life are controlled or predetermined.

Major lessons or experiences that the soul wishes to learn or go through are planned in consultation with one's guides before coming into incarnation.
In most cases the guides are successful in influencing circumstances in order to create these experiences, however nothing is fixed in stone. Plans can and do change along the way as the events unfold and free will plays its part.
From our observations, not all transits produce significant events, however if a significant event is planned it usually coincides with the appropriate transits.

All of this is done so as to provide the individual another avenue for self understanding, an opportunity to learn and grow.

“The body is the cocoon you have spun around yourself by means of your impulses and desires.
Use it to grow wings so that you can escape from it!”

~ Sai Baba