Spiritual Astrology

What is involved in a Reading?

Guido uses the birth date, time and place information supplied by the client to calculate and print the relevant astrological charts, primarily the natal and transit ones, prior to the reading session.

He also spends time examining various aspects of the information obtained from the charts to get a good understanding of the issues affecting the client from a spiritual/soul perspective. This includes past life influences and drives that affect the current life pattern and the lessons brought over into this lifetime.

All these things have an important influence on our daily lives, our relationships with others and why we attract a particular type of person, why we choose to be born in a particular family and the dynamics within these. It allows us to understand and deal with our fears better, see our strengths, and resolve deep seated issues.

As such it is important that the client provide the birth date, time and place at least 24hrs ahead of the reading so that the preparatory work can be done.
If the birth time is not known the reading can still be done however more information is available if it is included. Accurate birth times are usually available from the records department of the hospital in which the birth took place.

During the reading all of these factors are looked at in relation to what issues or concerns or questions that the person brings with them.

Guido also uses Esoteric Palmistry, as well as other body ‘signs’, to add to the overall picture.

In all of this a person’s issues and circumstances are looked at through a prism of spiritual principles, in particular from the eastern mystical traditions, which reveal deeper cause and effect relationships.
It is only by tackling the root causes of problems and suffering generally that long lasting solutions can be found leading to greater peace and joy.

Spiritual Astrology can and is also used to gain insight into practical day to day matters that people grapple with, such as issues relating to career, relationships, etc.
For example, it can give indications about the type of work a person is best suited to, what they will find fulfilling, etc.

Astrology can give great insights into the dynamics of a relationship, how compatible two people are, what areas will present challenges, etc.
It can give indications on such things as how well two people will communicate, how well they will work together, sexual compatibility, among others.
It can also give indications about their past life connections, soul agreements and lessons they choose to help each other with in this particular lifetime, among other things.

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Spiritual Astrology - Guido Grzinic

"What, then, is the miraculous message of mysticism?
Happiness is yours in the here and now.
The painful states of anxiety and loneliness are abolished permanently.
You are at ease with yourself.
Confusion is replaced with clarity.
There is a relieving answer to every tormenting question.
Something can be done about every unhappy condition.
This is the greatest secret on earth. Anyone, who really wants it, can have it.”

~ Vernon Howard