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Compatibility Score

Here you can get an indication of how compatible two people are based on their Astrology charts.

We have written a software program, the
Compatibility Meter as described below, that calculates a score giving the overall compatibility based on many indicators.

As the examples below show the results are quite good at giving a general indication of compatibility.

Ultimately however no program can replace a competent astrologer who can explore many facets of the relationship.
If you wish to look at these things in more detail, including a combined Psychic and

Astrology option, you can book a reading in the Services section.

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About the Compatibility Meter

This is a sophisticated software program that calculates the compatibility between two people based on their birth charts incorporating the principles of astrological synastry.
It does so by taking into account all the planets not just the Sun signs as is often the case.
The planet Venus for example, being the

planet of love, is quite important in evaluating the romantic attraction between two people.
The planet Mars comes into play when considering the sexual attraction, the planet Mercury with communication, and so on.

It's worth noting that the length of marriage is not the most reliable test of compatibility, couples may be together for other reasons such as societal pressure, financial security or for the sake of the children.
Astrology can give a good indication of the likely quality of a relationship.


The following is a list of compatibility scores for some well known couples who

not only were together for many years but were known to have got along very well.

The score is out of 100.

Paul Newman
January 26, 1925, 6:30 AM
Cleveland , Ohio, USA
Joanne Woodward
February 27, 1930, 4:00 AM
Thomasville, Georgia, USA
Score 91
Hugh Jackman
October 12, 1968, Time Unknown
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Debora Lee Furness
December 8, 1955, Time Unknown
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Score 84
John Lennon
October 9, 1940, 6:30 PM
Liverpool, UK
Yoko Ono
February 18, 1933, 8:30 PM
Tokyo, Japan
Score 73
Goldie Hawn
November 21, 1945, 9:20 AM
Washington, DC, USA
Kurt Russell
March 17, 1951, 10:42 AM
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Score 73
Will Smith
September 25, 1968, 1:46 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Jada Pinkett Smith
September 18, 1971, Time Unknown
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Score 76
John Thaw
January 3, 1942, Time Unknown
Liverpool, UK
Sheila Hancock
February 22, 1933, Time Unknown
Portsmouth, UK
Score 86