Spiritual Astrology

My interest in Astrology and the Esoteric, as well as eastern philosophy, started in my teens and has never stopped.

I did a two year Astrology course at the Chiron Centre, Melbourne, some twenty years ago.
It covered all the standard Astrological information plus how this fits in with psychological understanding. Some of the teachers there had psychology degrees.

However my interest progressed to the more esoteric/spiritual aspects of Astrology. Including standard esoteric teachings but in particular various channelled sources, such as the Hilarion material, which proved to be quite accurate and revealing.
It addressed the deeper aspects of human existence from a spiritual/soul perspective, which includes the notion of reincarnation, life plan, higher purpose, inner awakening, etc.
Included in my studies was Esoteric Palmistry, the esoteric meanings of people’s names, the spiritual meaning of various body ailments, among others.

This fitted in nicely with my interest in Eastern Mysticism which addressed the same type of deeper issues from a slightly different perspective.


In the late 70’s I started learning traditional Yoga with an Indian yogi who came to live in Melbourne. That started me on a discipline involving physical, breathing and meditation practices which has provided many benefits and insights.

I was also keen to learn from eastern and western mystics and enlightened masters such as Osho and Sai Baba.
I travelled to India a number of times, primarily to visit Sai Baba, and witnessed some miraculous things. Things which left me with no doubt about the existence of a higher/spiritual aspect that influences our lives.

Through all of this I have come to have a better understanding of the nature of reality, inner and outer, including the source of suffering and what is needed to create a more peaceful and joyous state of being.


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Spiritual Astrology

”Life is an illusion, nothing more than a humorous incident when consciousness had forgotten itself.”

~ Dan Millman